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Property Investment with Domus Nova

Domus Nova offers exceptional investment opportunities for varying investment criteria. Our vast knowledge and experience gives us an inherent understanding of the market, the properties and what they can offer an incoming investor.

We can handle your investment every step of the way, from purchase to refurbishment, let, property management and finally the sale.

Capital growth

Capital growth forms two parts of the investment:

1. To secure the long-term investment and justify the initial purchase.

2. Gaining growth provides the opportunity to move up the property ladder and improve investment criteria move-on-move.

The Domus Nova market segment, and areas in which we work, have always delivered successful investment returns. This means you can enjoy strong tenant demand, strong capital growth and excellent opportunities to crystallise your investment at the time of sale.

Today’s market

The country, and world, is still gripped in low availability of property debt. This improves the rental marketplace and increases rents, as less people are able to buy their home, irrelevant of cash investment. More tenants, and less available rental stock in primary areas, increases revenue against the capital value, which is also improving – given the lack of stock to purchase.

Very few areas within the UK have bounced back with any real confidence and strength after the recent and ongoing financial crisis. The primary areas we operate in have become safe places for global investors and currency to invest in, without fear of political or financial volatility. This stable socio-economic environment and a global hub between East and West, has secured London in prime position.

Investing in Central London

Central London offers an exceptional annual return on property investment, because it works as a dual investment – capital growth and a decent annual return on that capital.

The strength of the investment is also secured thanks to London’s vast amount of tenants at every price point of the rental market. The lack of quality rental stock and strong rental demand secures high annual income on capital investment. Negligible voids and strong contract renewal conversion also improves the return on investment.

Global volatility has also strengthened the attraction of London as one of the world’s primary property capitals, which consequently increases capital growth over the period of ownership.

The world has seen huge changes over recent years. We believe that nowhere else offers the property investment profile and opportunities that London currently does.